Sermon Application Notes

Ephesians 5:5-7 - A Warning to the Children of Light


1.     Content:

Here are three considerations that impact our witness to the sons of disobedience:

            1.    Be convinced of their fate (5)

            2.    Don't be deceived by their words (6)

            3.    Don't be partakers in their sin. (7)

2.    Character:

To what degree are you active in sharing your testimony of how God has saved you?

Why is "personal responsibility" so important to our understanding of God's will for the spread of the gospel?

How do the scriptures in today's sermon convince you of the reality of wrath and judgment that awaits the lost?

In what specific ways do your sins discourage you from sharing the gospel of Jesus?

3.    Competence:

Share your testimony of how God saved you from eternal punishment through Christ.

Explain this phrase from Eph. 5:6 to someone:... for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

What are the biblical terms for some of our culture's "acceptable sins"?

Had an affair -

I flipped out -

I got hammered -

4.   Church Body:

In what practical ways does your articipation in sin impact others' credibility and witness?

In what ways does our corporate witness bolster your confidence in sharing the gospel?

5.    Care Group Discussion Ideas:

Why is it important to refer to sin in biblical terms as opposed to our culture's terms?

What are some additional common reasons why you are tempted to not witness for Jesus?

For each reason, respond by applying biblical passages and principles.




Ephesians 5:17 - Understanding the Will of the Lord


1.     Content:

What are the two aspects of God's Will?

Which of the two cannot be violated? Which one can?

How does heart idolatry impact our ability to trust our feelings and natural inclinations and discerning the will of God for decision-making?

Search out every place in the New Testament where the phrase "God's Will" or "the will of the Lord" is found.

2.    Character:

What are the biggest challenges that you face concerning understanding and obeying the will of God?

What are your heart tendencies that make your feelings and natural inclinations suspect?

3.    Competence:

Explain and give examples of the Bible speaking directly to an issue through a command, and speaking indirectly to an issue through the application of the principle.

How can you model living according to the will of God as an example for your children to follow?

4.   Church Body:

What are some reasons why it is necessary for you to understand the will of God?

How will your knowledge and obedience impact the growth and sanctification of your brothers and sisters?

5.    Care Group Discussion Ideas:

What aspects of understanding God's will challenge you the most?

Based on what we know about heart idolatry from the Bible, why must we examine our desires carefully in light of the will of God revealed in Scripture?

What is meant by the phrase, "risk is assumed in doing the will of God"?




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