Our Mission is to fulfill our Savior's great commission.
Our Mission is to fulfill our Savior's great commission.


Welcome to the 2015-2016 AWANA Clubs at Crown Valley Community Church!  Please keep this brochure handy to refer to throughout the club year.  Cubbies (ages 3 and 4) through Trek (7th-8th grades) will be meeting on Wednesdays per the enclosed calendar at 6:30 pm.  For more information on any Club, contact the Director of that Club, the Secretary, or Commander Joshua Moore at 433-4097.


Event Calendar:

9/16/15 – Opening Night!

9/23/15 –

9/30/15 –

10/07/15 – Affliction Night!

10/14/15 –

10/21/15 –

*10/28/15 –

11/04/15 – Double Share Night!

11/11/15 –

11/18/15 –

11/25/15 – Thanksgiving Break (No Club)

12/02/15 –

12/9/15 –

*12/16/15 – Decorate Your Leader Night! Christmas Party for Trek                        and Journey!

12/23/15 – Christmas Break (No Club)

12/30/15 – Christmas Break (No Club)

01/06/16 – Christmas Break (No Club)

01/13/16 –

01/20/16 – Crazy Hat Night!

01/27/16 –

02/03/16 –    

*02/10/16 –

02/17/16 – Paper Airplane Night!

02/24/16 -

03/02/16 – Grand Prix Cars available for purchase

03/09/16 –

03/16/16 –

*03/23/16 –

03/30/16 – Easter Break (No Club)

04/06/16 –

04/13/16 – Grand Prix Night

04/20/16 –

04/27/16 –

*05/04/16 -

05/11/16 - Awana Achievement Night

*Store Night!




Club                     New            Returning

Cubbies                 $45             $35

Sparks                  $45             $35

T&T                     $45             $35

Trek                     $50             $40

Please pay your fees when you register your Clubber.  For your convenience, we also offer payment arrangements.  See your Club Secretary to make arrangements. Please note, Awana is non-profit, we are simply covering the costs of the Club materials. Your Clubber enjoys a year of Awana for a cost of only $1.20 – 2.10 per week!




Cubbies:  Boys and Girls ages 3 and 4 (age 3 by Dec. 1st.)  Your Cubbie MUST be potty trained.


Director: Joseph & Rebekah Baljet                                661-400-3707

Secretary: Bitsy Briones                                                661-233-6595

Leaders: Jared Briones, Elicia Maese


Entrance Booklet: Apple Acres


Handbooks: Apple Seed Handbook


Awards: Apple Seed Trail Emblem

  Red Apple Achievement Emblem

  Green Apple Achievement Emblem

              Handbook Awards – Cubbies Apple Seed Award Ribbon


Cubbies Key Verse:

“…God loved us and sent His Son…”   – 1 John 4:10


Cubbies Motto: Jesus Loves Me


Sparks:  Boys and Girls in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

Director:  Jeanne Wadsworth                                          661-268-1909

Club Secretary: Doreen Campbell

Leaders: Sharon Burden, Jay & Susan Walters, John Smyth, Chris                      Burke, Danyel Bybee


Entrance Booklet: Flight 3:16

Handbooks:  1st – HangGlider

                    2nd- WingRunner

                    3rd- SkyStormer


Awards:  Blue Jewels – Club Attendance

               Green Jewels – Handbook Activity

               Red Jewels- Handbook Bible Memory Drill

               “Sparky” Emblem- Sunday school Attendance

Handbook Awards:  1st Book Ribbon

                              2nd Book Ribbon

                              3rd Book Sparky Plaque


T&T Clubs 3RD through 6th Grades

Club Secretaries: Abby Mawhorter                                  661-839-9911

                            Danielle Klotz                                       661-208-1334


Games Director: Joseph Moore                                        661-733-0867

                           Ashleigh Spaugh          


3rd – 6th Girls Director: Michelle Rivera                           661-269-2341

3rd – 6th Girls Leaders: Mandie Oliver, Ronda Smyth, Wendy Kitcko,                                         Hannah Lindeman, Melissa Powell


3rd – 6th Boys Director: Scott Elsbree                             661-946-9330 

3rd – 6th Boys Leaders: Joe Rivera


Entrance Booklet: Start Zone

Handbooks:       The Ultimate Adventure Book 1

                         The Ultimate Adventure Book 2

                         The Ultimate Challenge Book 1

                         The Ultimate Challenge Book 2


Awards: Award Bone for Discovery Completion

Handbook Awards-        1st Book Alpha Award

                                     2nd Book Excellence Trophy

                                     3rd Book Challenge Award

                      4th Book Timothy Award Trophy


Trek:  Boys and Girls in 7th and 8th grades

Directors:  Larry & Michelle Oman                                     661-273-3111

Secretary: Michelle Oman                                                  661-273-3111

Awards: (Continuing book count from T&T):

                        5th Book or 1st JV Book - Milestone

                        6th Book Award - Meritorious


Journey:  Boys and Girls in 9th through 12th grades. (This club is by request only.  See Anthony Mawhorter for details.)


Awards:           1st Book Pin

                        2nd Book Pin

                        3rd Book Pin

                        4th Book Pin


CITATION AWARD! – This Award is for Clubbers who have completed all 10 books, 3rd through 12th grades. Some schools offer scholarships for this achievement. 

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